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Nov 18, 2010

I haven't been writing in my blog for a long time, I have been busy with rehab and just trying to stay warm.

The foot doctor gave me shots in my feet to help them and it was so so so painful. Dr. Thacker says that I need special shoes or orthopedic shoes because I am so very hard on my feet and medicare or insurance won't cover it. I think one shoe is wider because of my amputation. O well...

My health has ups and downs. It is a fine balance between eating right, exercising and feeling good. I will be seeing my rheumatology on Thursday to evaluate my progress. My physical therapist and I worked hard this week just walking for half an hour. TIRED!

Today had lunch at Claim Jumper with Grandpa Volz and Joey, it was a lot of fun to just relax and enjoy a good meal with them.

Hugs, Lisa

Oct 26, 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Fall is here!!

It seems that in Washington there are three seasons, fall, winter, spring and fall... lol! I've been doing really well and when the weather permits, I get around Target where there are electric carts and I go with oxygen and all my stuff and I'm free.  My mom chases after me hoping I won't break anything or run any body over. I do the electric also at Trader Joes and there's go really fast... 6 mph instead of 4mph... lol.

The therapist, Silver, says my oxygen saturation is getting better when I work out and my skin test is improved by 2 points. Hurrah! Eye therapy is going a little better, I don't hurl after eye therapy which is a plus.  My eyes are beginning to work together.  Because of the strokes, my brain is on planet xyz but because of the eye therapy i'll be on planet earth. It's well worth it so I can read.

Continue praying for me because the prayers are really helping me get better everyday.
Lisa and Mom

Aug 30, 2010